Saturday, August 16, 2014

Stir-fry Veggie Noodles with Soya-Honey-Peanut Dressing

Oh, I LOVE roasted peanuts.  

I like to snack on them plain or also love it when they are added into a dish. They bring along a whole new dimension to the dish that they are added into. Be it a simple Poha, Vermicelli upma or Sabudana Vadas... the crunchiness of peanuts enhances the dish many levels. And Snickers! Oh, that is a my favourite chocolate, again for the crunchy peanuts that it contains. 

Apparently the people of Thailand also love peanuts. Peanuts is a common ingredient in Thai cuisine and it also happens to be a cuisine I love!

I am yet to try the Thai Peanut Noodles prepared the authentic way. I guess there are a lot more elements to it and more prep time. But when I come across a quick-fix recipe for any dish, that would be my choice! So today, we will be making a dish that has hints of Thai flavours in it, a dish that is very simple to put together and one that is absolutely YUM!

I was out shopping today and returned home well past 2 in the afternoon. Being home alone and having only my tummy to feed, I decided to get experimental. But the tummy was hungry and I did not have too much time to invest in cooking. I decided to try my hands at this recipe that I came across the other day. Oh, it turned out to be totally delicious. This recipe gets done in a jiffy! 

This was the first time I was pairing peanuts with noodles and I absolutely loved the crunchiness it gave to the dish. The awesomely simple yet flavourful dressing is the taste giver here. 

So this noodles is a lovely combination of delicate flavours intricately woven together and blended with the crunchy veggies, noodles and peanuts... ah, food heaven! :)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Nan's Yum-yums! Junior Bakers - a FUN baking workshop for kids

There has been so much happening lately, that I have been trying hard to catch up with time to update my little blog and share with you all, the happens at my end! Days seem to be sprinting past like lighting and I am on my heels trying to keep pace. Well, fast-paced months these, but full of fun alright! 

Let me begin by filling you in with the details about the new horizon Nan's Yum-yums has entered. I have put into action a long brewing thought of mine.Baking workshops! Yes, I am now conducting baking workshops and have successfully completed two in the last 3 months!

It was sometime in the beginning of this year, when an idea struck me. Its was almost two years since I began my home baking and I have been enjoying it all along. Baking gives me boundless joy and I wanted to spread this joy among people who were eager and willing to learn.

So, the day came much sooner than I expected and in early May 2014, I conducted my first baking workshop at a beautiful activity center called Bloom and Grow. This workshop was specially planned for little kids, aged 7 yrs and above. Junior Bakers, as I named it was a milestone for Nan's Yum-yums and a first of the many I plan to conduct in the days to come.

I had planned on a batch size of 10 and it was a pleasure having 11 little junior bakers, aged between 6 and 12, came along and join me in this workshop. Some mommies and daddies joined along to encourage and help their tots. The excitement of the little ones rubbed off on me and the room was full of energy and FUN! 

We baked 2 kinds of muffins - Apple Cinnamon and Carrots and Walnut muffins and baked some Cinnamon Rolls and Bread Bunnies. 

This enthusiastic little lot, insisted on kneading the bread dough with their tiny little hands, which I generally prefer kneading using the hand blender with bread hooks. Oh, they were such delight to watch! 

This workshop was truly a memorable one. With some technical challenges and time crunches, we managed to pull off the 4 hour session with loads of goodies and some lovely memories. I was proud of my bunch of junior bakers, for being patient and supportive throughout.

More pictures!! Hop over and check out the Junior Bakers photo album to relive those memories and be a part of our fun through the pictures :)

Do such workshops interest you?

Stay tuned to my updates on my Facebook page for future workshops.


Drop me an e-mail to discuss your requirements. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sabudana Fritters and Yogurt Peanut Dip | Sago Vada [shallow-fry method] | And the Indian Food Blogger's Meet!

It has been over two years since I have been a food blogger and I still consider myself a ‘fresher’ in this field. From even before I began my blogging odyssey and also along the way, I have come across some established food bloggers who have carved out a niche for themselves in the blog sphere. They have constantly kept me motivated, awed me with their passion and dedication for blogging and have inspired me with their ability to juggle the various facets of their lives with ease.

Blogging may seem like a simple hobby to many, but only when one ponders into this beautiful world and delves deeper does one understand the intricacies of the art. Yes, to me blogging is an art.

So, as I am still taking wobbly baby steps and just learning to hold my paint brush right, I am only lucky to be able to share some space with some very talented artists of the food blogging world. I first heard about the Indian Food Blogger’s Meet (IFBMeet) through Aparna [My Diverse Kitchen]. I got to know her through a bread-baking group on Facebook. She along with three other talented bloggers have planned this wonderful event as a platform for like-minded bloggers from across the country to come together and share ideas and thoughts. I am delighted to be able to be a part of it, get enlightened and meet some of the bloggers in person, whose blogs have been a fond read of mine for a while now.

IFBM, a first of its kind in India happening on the 1st and 2nd of August in Bangalore, promises to be jam-packed with workshops, talks and events for like-minded bloggers. Food styling, food photography, food writing, cook-book publishing... you name it and they have it all planned up! I am excited, as this is going to be my first ever blogger-meet up!

“Surround yourself with people who are going to motivate and inspire you.” — Charles M. Marcus

Yes, I am going to be doing just that! :)

So, as I gear up for this exciting event that is just a fortnight away, I am sharing with you all a lovely recipe of an age old favourite dish, the cooking process of which has been given a healthy twist. I have been making the deep-fried version of sabudana vadas at home for long. It was only recently, while browsing through a foodie group that I am a part of, that I bumped across this method of preparing this yummy snack. It uses a paniyaram / appe pan and minimum oil! It caught my attention and I simply had to try it to believe it. I was delighted with the result and though this takes more time than deep-frying, and am never going to be deep-frying this any more! :)

These sabudana fritters are super crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. And oh, that simple to put-to-gethher dip... no you don't want to miss that! :)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mango Banana Yogurt Gelato

I seem to be resorting to a new style of posting on Nan's Yum-yums! Call it convenience or time-crunch or just being impromptu. This is my second post in a row which I had not planned on posting here, and had not spent time on styling and taking elaborate pictures. All the pictures are taken from my basic camera mobile! The post just happened on the go and like the last impromptu post, this one simply had to be shared with you all.... so here I am, with my not-so-planned-(or-not-at-all-planned) post on a super simple, delicious and absolutely healthy dessert! :)

On a foodie group that I am a part of, I saw Amrita's post on a very interesting recipe for making gelato at home. The simplicity of the recipe appealed to me instantly. It is Donna Hay's recipe and a definite keeper! 

I have never made ice cream at home, though have been planning to do so for months! The usage of heavy cream and the process of repeated freezing-blending-freezing process in most ice cream recipe was always a turn off for me and I somehow kept away from experimenting. 

Someday, I will make my own ice cream, but for now I am jumping with joy on the discovery of this simple recipe to make Gelato, which is the Italian's version of ice cream! Gelato is slightly less dense than ice cream and if frozen for longer, the texture becomes crystallised. It's fun eating it both ways :)

Making this gelato involves absolutely no elaborate process and ingredients. Ingredients? Oh, the title of the post has it all!! 

That is right - Mango, Banana and Yogurt! That. Is. It!! 

Wow...Is that cool or what? My first post that has all the ingredients in its title itself! :D This yummilicious dessert gets made with just these three ingredients. No additional sweeteners, no artificial flavouring, no thickening agents.... none of those!

So, I decided to post this here, after the husband (who hates mangoes!) asked for a second helping!! He actually asked to make this often!! Yooo... hooo!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Banana Walnut Loaf Cake [Eggless]

This is one of the most unplanned posts on my blog. 

I had not much time on hand that day, I had two over ripe bananas, we were to head out in about 45 minutes and yet... I planned on baking this beauty in that little time gap that I had! Banana Walnut bread was one of the first homemade cakes that I had eaten as a little girl at my aunt's place and ever since has been a fond favourite of mine. I had long been wanting to bake a loaf of it in my new oven and had been putting it off for later.

But that day, was the day!

Having made up my mind in a matter of minutes, I just got into action without wasting another minute. Namita's lovely blog on healthy bakes came to my rescue. I tweaked her recipe to add in some walnuts and a dash of cinnamon powder and voila... a pretty baked loaf of yumminess was what I got as end result :)

I had not planned on posting this here, as I did not take proper pictures and also I told you what a mad rush I was in. But I felt that these picture taken from my basic mobile camera were pretty decent making me want to share it with you all :) 

So here goes... a lovely simple recipe that will make you want to do a tap dance as you pull out the goodie from the oven! :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Zucchini and Mushroom Wholewheat Pizza

Ever experienced that moment when you want to just jump with joy and maybe do a little jig to celebrate your achievement? Oh well, I had that moment, not once but twice the day I baked this pizza... first when I took this beauty out of the oven and had my first bite.... and then the moment came again, when the husband took his first bite and when his eyes became as big as saucers and twinkled in appreciation of the goodness that he had just bit into! :D His mouth was just too full to speak but his eyes said it all :)

Trying not to sound pompous, I have to let you all know that this is by far the best pizza I have made till date!! Right from the crunch in the base to the softness inside to the way the toppings paired with each other to the final look of the pizza.... oh, I loved it all! :) Please do try it out and I assure you, you will not be let down!

It was a weekend and I was home alone attending to my usual weekend chores. I had planned on baking a pizza for myself. Since the pizza was just for me, I had the liberty to add in the veggies that I preferred (...and were not really a favourite with the hubby!). So, I decided to use those beautiful zucchinis that I had lying in the fridge and also the mushrooms. I have been yearning to bake with Zucchini for ages and thought now was the time to do just that. I made Wholewheat Pizza Base and began my baking.

But like most Saturdays, my chores did not end until way past lunch and by the time this pizza was ready, I was home alone no longer! Having taken a bite of this beauty (...and having absolutely loved it!), I decided to offer it to hubby, (who had just come back after a full meal from a function). To my delight, he ate not one but two slices of this pizza!! He LOVED it! Considering the fact that he does not fancy mushrooms or zucchinis... you understand why this was a happy-dance moment for me, don't you?! :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How to Make Pizza Base? | Homemade Wholewheat Pizza Base

Pizza is a favourite amongst most of us. The cheesey, yummy goodness with your choice of toppings sets even the grumpiest of days right! Don't you agree? :)

Making pizza at home is easy. You can customise your toppings to your liking and make as many as you like! How fun is that?! And if you make your pizzas at home, with your own pizza base, the health quotient goes up a few notches. 

I make my own pizza bases at home and I add in good proportion of wholewheat flour to it, instead of making it entirely with all purpose flour. Left to myself, I could do away with the wholewheat flour all together, but then the softness is mildly compromised and so is the elasticity of the dough. So to get softer bases, it is suggested that you add in a small portion of all purpose flour, when you make your pizza base with wholewheat flour.

So here goes my recipe to make pizza bases using wholewheat flour and a hint of all purpose flour. Enjoy the fun process and the yummilicious pizza that you are going to be baking soon after :) Happy Baking!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pudina Alu | Minty Potatoes

In my frenzy of Mexican cooking that took over my kitchen last week and then the excitement about my new OTG, and some baking... I completely forgot to post the recipe for Pudina Alus, that I had promised in my Sweet Corn and Methi Pulav post! Apologies and here I am with the promised recipe...

Like I said in my other post... I had some guests coming over who were on a no-onion, no-garlic diet and hence I wanted a spread which does not use these ingredients, but is yet scrumptious and bursting with flavours. So I had planned to team a flavourful minty potatoes with my Sweet Corn and Methi Pulav.

The combination went really well and the guests were happy. Apart from pairing this side dish with pulav, it also went really well with pooris that I had also made that day. The lovely colour that the greens impat to the potatoes is delightful and the flavours... is yum!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Chocolate Muffins with White Chocolate Chips [Eggless]

Yay.... so the great news is... I got a new Oven! :) I have been baking in a microwave all these days and now finally I realise how wonderful it is to bake in an OTG. While baking in my good old 23 ltr Elextrolux microwave with convection mode, I didn't have anything to compare with and hence I was happy with the outcome. Eventually, I just felt the need for a bigger oven and after hearing from fellow baking enthusiasts about how good an OTG is for baking, I decided to get one for myself. And now.... when I do have something to compare against, baking in OTG is absolutely delightful as compared to microwave baking! Oh, the texture of the baked products is simply flawless and wonderful in an OTG. And I had to constantly play around with the settings of the microwave to achieve that perfect bake (not too brown crust, yet fully baked inside...etc!) and with an OTG, its so hassle free!! :)

Yes, OTG is the real deal when it comes to baking! Considering my passion for baking we went for a 52ltr Morphy Richards! Huger than my microwave, but such a joy to bake with :) Just about 4-5 bakes old, and am already in love with it :)

So, this chocolate muffin recipe was my first new recipe that I tried out in the OTG.  The ingredients of this recipe was what caught my attention. Like my other cake recipes, this too is eggless. But what surprised me was that usually eggless recipes (at least the ones I have come across) used curd or butter or condensed milk instead. But this one uses none of these!! The ingredients are the most guilt-free that I have come across till now and the resultant cake is so good, you would not guess it was made with such simple ingredients!! Try it :)

I was all excited after we bought the new OTG, that I had purchased a few more cake pans to experiment with. These two little muffin trays were so adorable, I couldn't NOT buy them!! :)  So instead of regular sized muffins, I made mini muffins just so that I could use my new pans! :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Red Bean Quesadilla | Simple Mexican Cooking

So, you have your Tortillas ready and are looking for ways to use them!? Well, then here is one way to do just that! Make Quesadillas!! :) 

Quesadillas (pronounced as Kay-sah-dee-ah. Such a fancy pronunciation isn't it? :)), are  scrumptious and very easy to dish out! You need Tortillas, cheese and basically any filling of your choice to stuff into the tortillas and toast them over a griddle. Its as simple as that! The cheese within melts and binds the folded tortillas together and the filling... oh that gives you the punch as you bite into these Mexican beauties.

My choice of filling for today's Quesadillas are a mixture of red beans, cheese and some simple fresh ingredients like tomatoes, onions, coriander and green chillies. This dish needs not much cooking. I LOVE such dishes, that need minimal cooking and still taste awesome! :)

All the cooking that goes into this is to pressure cook the red beans and finally toast the folded tortillas over the griddles! Everything in between is off the stove... isn't that cool? :)